About Just Art !



"A unique experience in luxury handcrafted jewelry and accessories.
A universal vision, made in Paris. Established in 2004."


I am often asked the meaning of JUST ART!


A piece of Art!

The answer is very simple… We design ART jewels and accessories. When you wear a ring designed by JUST ART!, you are actually wearing a piece of Art. Our jewels and accessories cannot be replicated. And that's simply because they are the fruit of the inspiration of the moment. They will all be different and therefore express different emotions. YOU will end up expressing part of these emotions.

Check out the details of Cara's dangling earrings below!  The ROSE collection is a  true expression of Art.

Delicate rose pigments colliding with veritable gold, to create a very unique design. Honoring one of the miracles of nature: ROSE PETALS. Every piece is handmade and unique!



 Just for you...

This is the reason why our customers always get to choose among many versions of the product.

Our customers are often surprised by the variety of options available to them. They do not understand the purpose at first and are surprised by the time that is devoted to them. That time, is very precious! First of all, it is a time to yourself, which is always a good idea! But it also feels good to trust the expertise of real professionals. I had that with my sisters when I was a teenager and it was very special!!! We would take turns playing coach. That's called working on your style!





Revealing your Beauty and Personality

Passion grows as beauty grows, as we grow...

I am honored and feel so grateful to be able to help you reveal your beauty and personality, and at the same time express my passion. Every piece of Art is unique. Every piece of Art is the expression of the very special moments of our life and feelings.






 The Atelier in Le Marais

The studio is where it all happens… It is located in Le Marais in Paris.

What is Le Marais?

Le Marais is the heart of Paris, a very eclectic area. It is known for its numerous Art Galleries and Designers' shops: high-end art trends and exclusive fashion designers. Beautiful medieval constructions!

The studio is close to the famous Place des Vosges, known as the most beautiful built square in Paris. Amazing architecture and excellent restaurants and cafés.

We still enjoy it after all these years! And it is not unusual for us to enjoy a break with a customer in a café…






A traditional "savoir-faire" to create luxury

Le Marais is the place where JUST ART! chose to express Haute Couture, inspired by multicultural designs, with the excellence of a traditional French "savoir-faire". Every unique piece is handcrafted in our atelier.

Winter hats, Capelines, Cufflinks, Necklaces, Pendants, Cuffs, Bracelets, Rings, and our customers' favourite, the DANGLING EARRINGS. Our luxury dangling earrings are meant for active women. Active women who want to feel glamorous,  eventhough they are always short in time. Our earrings are easy to wear, light and comfortable! High-quality clip-on available also.

At the studio, the work is very meticulous! It takes highly qualified skills, hours and hours of hard work, exceptional materials and a unique vision, to create LUXURY.






We also specialize in custom-made orders. Our customers come to us with a real project, often with an exceptional gown and a clear idea of what they would like. A hat to match the dress, a necklace just like the one she bought two years ago but only in red, and the exact same red as her dress of course!!! Cufflinks to match an exceptional suit made of a rare fabric!!!

When you order online, we make sure a member of our team gets in contact with you for details. We will endeavour to carry out your wishes. Some of our customers have relocated and are still enjoying our products because we will do whatever is necessary to ensure that you are satisfied.


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